Long Island City & Roosevelt Tour, & 2019 Schedules

As a Queens native, I’ve offered tours of Long Island City many times in the past (on topics ranging from history to development to art), and it’s been interesting to see it spotlighted in national news as the future site of a new Amazon headquarters.

I’ll be offering my Long Island City & Roosevelt Island tour (a 2-hour overview of each area’s highlights and history, with a short ferry ride in between each) many afternoons each week over the next year. I think, even before the Amazon news, that Long Island City— or LIC, as many New Yorkers call it— was a microcosm of the major debates happening here over development vs preservation, gentrification, housing prices, and real estate influence on city politics. These are all topics we discuss on this neighborhood exploration. I look forward to sharing it with visitors and locals.

I’ve also finalized our 2019 schedules, for our public tour offerings. As always, I will always strive to make myself available for our popular custom & private tour creations and adventures.

Have a great holiday season, and we hope to see you in 2019!