[UPDATE: This tour is no longer available as a regular, public tour. Please contact us for private tour options.]

This unique tour of Central Park will show you the rarely-visited northern half of the park's expansive 843 acres. This is a perfect tour for those who've already seen the southern landmarks and want to discover the deeper history of Olmsted and Vaux's urban masterpiece.

Our 2.5-hour walking tour begins at the Harlem Meer, the only natural body of water in Central Park. From there, we visit the famous, secluded Conservatory Garden, which many consider the park's best-kept secret. We will then tour Fort Clinton, which predates the park, on a hill used by the British during their occupation in the Revolutionary War. Then, our journey continues to the North Woods. You will pass the Huddlestone Arch... built entirely of uncut boulders, the 1866 arch was constructed without the use of mortar or other binding material. Then, we begin a leisurely stroll through the Ravine, easily the park's most beautiful section.

From there, we see the North Meadow, as we make our way down to the famous Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, the largest body of water in the park. Here, we will stop for some great views, before venturing down to the Great Lawn.

This is the perfect tour for those who are making a second visit to Central Park, and want to go off its beaten path.