Take a journey from New York's past to its future! On this guided tour of Manhattan's west side, we will journey from the historic Meatpacking District up to the growing Hudson Yards neighborhood via the popular High Line park. 

Your guided walking tour will began in Manhattan's historic Meatpacking District, a corridor of food production for nearly a century. See how the area has been preserved while also evolving into a trendy neighborhood of boutique shops and restaurants. It is there that we will enter the High Line park at its southern end, before beginning our 1.5-mile journey uptown.

All throughout our walk along the High Line, your guide will discover the history of this rail line and how it evolved. The guide will also show you the hidden secrets of the park... how the rail tracks are used today, its old loading docks now hidden in plain sight, and more. This park is a lush greenway with amazing views of the city and the Hudson River. Its plant life (hundreds of species!) is designed to thrive in all times of year. You will also see the ever-changing art displays along this line.

You will discover why this park has grown to be a New York City must-see destination.

As we make our way north, the Hudson Yards will quickly come into view. The largest development project in the city since the original World Trade Center, this project is literally birthing an entire new neighborhood on top of the Hudson rail-yards! It is a massive sight that will blow you away! Your guide will explain the history of this project, which has continued to grow in ambition. You will see numerous new skyscrapers rising up, including the city's tallest observation deck, as well as new parks and public art destinations. See the future $200M "Eiffel Tower" of NYC as it rises up, and more!

Our tour will end at the Hudson Yards subway station, one of the newest stations in the city.

Cost: $25 per person for a 2-hour tour.

[If no public dates are available during your time-frame, please contact us to arrange a private tour on any date!]