I am available to do custom tours based on your interests. In general, these would be for 2-12 people, and run a couple of hours, but I am open any other needs you may have. My goal is to provide you with a personal and memorable experience.

Want a longer tour? Or a guide for your whole trip? I can arrange this as well.

Some of my favorite neighborhoods to show are: 

  • Lower East Side, Manhattan
  • Downtown Manhattan
  • Coney Island, Brooklyn
  • Harlem
  • Park Slope, Brooklyn
  • Forest Hills, Queens
  • Gowanus, Brooklyn
  • Chinatown
  • Belmont, The Bronx

While those are great neighborhoods, I also can design a tour for any neighborhood you would like to see, or interest-based tours, or help you find some great hidden landmarks and secrets of New York.  Find a section of the Berlin Wall hidden in midtown. The city's smallest museum hidden in an elevator shaft. The graves of former Presidents and founding fathers. Historic cemeteries. Lighthouses in the city. I can show these and more!

I am willing to work to make your custom tour the highlight of your vacation! Contact me today!