See The Lights In Dyker Heights

The Christmas season is NYC's busiest time of the year for tourism... with entire streets blocked to traffic, buses re-routed, etc, to make room for the masses swarming midtown for the holidays. Everyone knows the popular attractions: The Rockefeller Center tree, the windows along 5th Ave, ice skating rinks, holiday shops galore, and St Patrick's Cathedral.

But lesser known, though quickly becoming more and more popular, are the lights in Dyker Heights during that season. Dyker Heights, an isolated and suburban neighborhood in southwest Brooklyn, does not get many visitors... except in December, when tourists flood its streets after dark every night. Starting in the 1980s, residents began decorating their large homes in increasingly elaborate ways. There is now an unspoken competition among the home owners in the neighborhood, with many hiring professional Christmas decorating companies to fill their front yards with lights, blow-up characters, and intricate designs and displays. This has turned Dyker Heights into the most festive neighborhood in all of New York for the holidays.

I will be offering a walking tour of this neighborhood many evenings in December (stopping for cocoa on the way!), and will make it easy for all to navigate it, and return you to the nearest subway at the end of our expedition. Come see what all the fuss is about!

Interested? Contact me for details!