This has been a fantastic year for our company, and I am beyond optimistic for what 2017 has lying ahead of us. I thank all of my past customers and all those who've spread the word about the unique tours we have to offer.

As a tour guide, I see my job as someone who helps you create NYC memories. Someone who shows you the best of what this city has to offer, and provides you context, history, and trivia about the things you are seeing. Every visitor has different interests and priorities for their trip. Making each tour reflect that is a task, but a very fun one.  It's about making a 3-day trip feel like you fit in 5 days. And making every tour not just an academic exercise, but something fun and social. Not everyone will remember every factoid they learned on a tour... but the experience of it (was it unique? did they see it from a perspective aimed at them?), that's what you remember.

My attitude is that anyone can, say, walk through Central Park.  But not everyone can show you the spots many miss, show you the secrets, and turn the tour into an adventure. That's my job.

I have lots of tours I am excited to share with visitors (or locals!) in 2017... I can introduce you to Brooklyn. Take you back in time in Queens to the days of the Worlds Fair. Show you why street art is becoming increasingly popular in major cities around the world. Wander the winding, historic streets of Greenwich Village. And so much more.

I hope that you will consider me as a guide for your next NYC adventure. I cannot wait to help you create your perfect New York memories.