Welcome To My Blog!

For any new readers... welcome!

I started this blog to not only promote my tours, or upcoming events, but to share my stories of New York City. For those who are new visitors, here are some of my previous entries I like best:

  • Is It Safe?: A look on discussions of NYC safety with my customers, and how '70s/'80s pop culture has cemented an outdated narrative of our city.
  • The 1964 World's Fair... Presented by Walt Disney?: A history lesson, with classic photos & video, combining two of my favorite things... Disney theme parks, and the 1964 World's Fair that was held in Queens.
  • The Second Avenue Subway: A history of the Upper East Side subway line delayed nearly a century, just now finally coming to fruition.
  • A Tour Grows In Brooklyn: The process of creating a custom tour of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, in December, for a former resident of the neighborhood who wanted to re-learn the history of his childhood home.
  • I Love a Good Challenge: My love of contests that get me to travel around the city.
  • Street Art: An explanation of what "street art" is, how it relates to (and differs from) graffiti, and why it's more central to NYC culture than you realized.

I also want to use this blog to start a conversation. Are you a local? Or an upcoming traveler? Ask me questions, ask for advice, or share your stories! I want to hear from you.