Staten Island, Take The Wheel

Many visitors to New York take a trip on the (free!) Staten Island ferry to get picturesque views of the Statue of Liberty and the NYC waterfront. Upon arriving in Staten Island, however, almost all get right back on the ferry and return to Manhattan. This dynamic has vexed Staten Island business leaders & politicians for decades.

While the 5th borough does some nice sites-- historic Fort Wadsworth, Freshkills Park, Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanic Garden-- very few tourists have felt a draw to the island.

Two huge new projects by the ferry terminal hope to change that. One is an outlet mall (the first in city limits). The second is more ambitious: The New York Wheel, designed to be the largest observation wheel in the world (eclipsing the London Eye and others in Las Vegas and elsewhere). The first pieces of the wheel are being delivered this week, with project completion expected in the Spring of 2018.

Does this project pique your interest? If so (or not!), why? Share your thoughts!